Nov 25th, 2020

Why America Needs a Climate-Resilient Recovery

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The coronavirus pandemic has created an opportunity to reboot the American economy in a way that is cleaner and helps to mitigate climate change for future generations. But it’s not only that, this is also a moment to build back the U.S. economy with more resilience. 

The word “resilience” is thrown around frequently. But what does it really mean? And how should leaders be factoring resilience into their recovery efforts?

In this episode, we speak to Norfolk, Virginia City Councilwoman Andria McClellan about how her coastal city, home to the world’s largest naval station, is coping with rising seas and worsening flooding. And we hear what she hopes lawmakers in Washington D.C. will do to help address the growing crisis. 

But first, we check in with Josh Freed, founder and leader of Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program. We discuss how President-Elect Joe Biden’s administration is shaping up and what to watch for on the policy front post-election. 

This is the fourth episode in our “Relief, Rescue, Rebuild” series supported by Third Way. The series theme song was created by @AYMusik.

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