May 10th, 2021

Northern Virginia Leaders Local Government Endorse Andria McClellan for Lieutenant Governor

Norfolk Councilmember and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Andria McClellan is proud to announce her campaign has been endorsed by two more additional local government leaders from Northern Virginia: former Chair of the Arlington County Board Libby Garvey, and Leesburg Vice Mayor Marty Martinez, who had formerly endorsed Delegate Elizabeth Guzman for Lieutenant Governor.

“I am endorsing Andria McClellan because she has the local government experience, representing the largest constituency of any candidate for Lieutenant Governor, that we need in Richmond,” said Leesburg Vice Mayor Marty Martinez. “She is committed to working with the Virginia Municipal League on our concerns throughout the Commonwealth and connecting our local and state governments. I also support her commitment to ensuring all communities get equitable access to opportunity, particularly technology, high speed internet, and expanding affordable and workforce housing access to our communities in need.”

As the only candidate in the Democratic field with local government experience with the largest constituency of any candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Andria McClellan is ready to be a bridge between what’s happening on Main Street and the decisions being made in Richmond. 

“I am pleased to support Andria McClellan for Lieutenant Governor,” said former Chair and Member of the Arlington County Board Libby Garvey. “I think she has the kind of experience and tested ability that we need in Richmond. While her 30 years of experience in the private sector and nonprofit arena give her great background and understanding of the issues, it is her experience in local government that is most important to me as a County Board member. She will have a strong voice in Richmond for cities, counties and towns. I’ve learned this past pandemic year how very important that is. Her unique perspective is what we need to help  solve tough problems and work with stakeholders at every level to make positive change.”

These Northern Virginia leaders join a growing coalition endorsing Andria McClellan, including the National Women’s Political Caucus – VirginiaVirginia’s ListCongresswoman Elaine LuriaNorfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Ph.D., Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover, Congressman Glenn Nye, State Senators Lynwood Lewis and Dave Marsden, Claire Russo, and numerous local elected officials and community leaders from throughout the commonwealth. 

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