May 11th, 2021

ICYMI: Andria McClellan Picks Up Local Coverage Across the Commonwealth

Norfolk Councilmember and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Andria McClellan has been traveling the commonwealth and speaking to voters and has gained significant local coverage for her efforts, including her plan to support entrepreneurs and small businesses and last week’s 3-day ‘Road to Access’ tour through southside and Southwest Virginia. 

In addition to coverage, McClellan has been building a diverse coalition of support from across the commonwealth including the National Women’s Political Caucus – Virginia, Virginia’s List, Congresswoman Elaine Luria, Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Ph.D., Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover, Congressman Glenn Nye, State Senators Lynwood Lewis and Dave Marsden, Claire Russo, and numerous local elected officials and community leaders. 

Martinsville Bulletin: Lt. Gov. candidate Andria McClellan includes NCI in her southside road tour
By Bill Wyatt

  • Norfolk Council Member Andria McClellan toured New College Institute in Martinsville on Wednesday as part of what she described as a “road tour in Southside and Southwest Virginia.”
  • McClellan said she grew up in Virginia Beach and now lives in Norfolk, and although she lives on the other side of the state, she is not another Northern Virginia Democrat.
  • “As a member of Norfolk City Council I represent 125,000 people,” McClellan said. “I’ve worked with leaders in various counties on issues that range from climate change to broadband. I understand how cities, counties and towns work and recognize the state’s geographic diversity.”
  • McClellan said she understood the issues facing rural Virginia and wanted to make sure “great things are happening in all parts of Virginia.”
  • In October NCI was selected to be the first school in the state to offer wind energy training designed to create certified maintenance workers qualified to work on the equipment to be used in Virginia’s offshore wind energy program.

The Virginian-Pilot: Letter to the Editor: Vote McClellan
By Mayor Kenneth Alexander, Norfolk; state Sen. Lynwood Lewis, Accomac; Treasurer Molly Ward, Hampton; Councilwoman Lisa Lucas-Burke, Portsmouth; Councilwoman Sabrina Wooten, Virginia Beach; Commissioner of the Revenue Tiffany Boyle, Newport News; and School Board member Dr. Pat King, Chesapeake

  • The road to access must run from Main Street to Richmond. We strongly believe that we need regional diversity on our statewide ticket. Hampton Roads is the second largest voting bloc, yet the voice of this community is too often drowned out by those further to our north. Communities across Virginia are looking for a leader who understands their unique challenges.
  • It is critical that a person in statewide leadership has a background in local government. The COVID-19 pandemic has made more evident the disconnect between local and state government. We need a leader who knows how things work on the local level and will be a strong voice for cities, counties and towns.
  • We will proudly cast our vote for Andria McClellan to be our next lieutenant governor, and we urge you to do the same.

Reston Now: Lt. Gov. candidate McClellan visits Herndon, launches small business plan 
By Scott Fields 

  • Andria McClellan, a Democratic candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor, released a plan on Thursday (April 29) outlining her policy platform to support small businesses coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In conjunction with the plan’s launch, McClellan visited the Town of Herndon to talk to Mayor Sheila Olem and community members about the state of local small businesses. The Herndon visit was a part of an ongoing tour of Northern Virginia and the state as early voting in the Democratic primary gets underway.
  • “What happens with small businesses that are independently owned, when they make money, they put it right back into the community where they’re working and where their people are working,” McClellan said. “So, supporting those businesses and those jobs also supports the greater community.”
  • Her plan focuses on reducing red tape to clarify and simplify certification processes while providing government support to communities requiring the help. She also wants to foster “local and regional small business ecosystems” by connecting small business owners to one another and resources.
  • McClellan’s plan also calls for more opportunities for new businesses that work with renewable energy sources and water quality and more state funding to expand access to capital for small businesses through microloans, mid-range capital, and seed funding.

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