May 12th, 2021

Andria McClellan Provides Strong, Tested Leadership and is Ready to take on Winsome Sears in General Election

After months of chaos surrounding the Republican convention, the Republican Party of Virginia has finally released their nominees for the November ballot despite widespread allegations of corruption and rigging of the process. The party has chosen to nominate Winsome Sears, filling out a statewide Republican ticket of candidates with strong ties to the Hampton Roads region, the second largest voting bloc in Virginia. As the only Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate from Hampton Roads, representing the largest constituency of any Lieutenant Governor candidate, Andria McClellan is uniquely qualified to turn out the vote in highly contested elections in Hampton Roads and statewide.  

Andria McClellan has released the following statement: 

“Winsome Sears is a far right Trump Republican who spent her short time in the legislature trying to drag Norfolk into the past. Not too long ago, Virginia was considered a strong red state and we are still trying to fix what the GOP broke. The nomination of Sears and the mess of the GOP convention proves once again that we cannot return to Republican control. It is critical that Democrats nominate a candidate with strong support across the commonwealth, particularly in Hampton Roads, with the experience to take on Virginia’s challenges and move our commonwealth forward. My 30 years of experience and extensive background in Hampton Roads make me the strongest candidate to take on Sears and win.” 

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