May 12th, 2021

VIDEO: Andria McClellan Releases First TV Ad

Today, Norfolk Councilmember Andria McClellan, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, launched her first TV ad of the primary campaign, “Goes Back Generations.” The ad, which will run in Hampton Roads and Richmond media markets, highlights Andria’s commitment to fighting for equitable access to opportunity. This message has been at the cornerstone of her campaign for Lieutenant Governor and is generating a groundswell of support from across the Commonwealth.

In addition to the campaign’s previously announced five-figure TV buy in the Hampton Roads and Richmond media markets, the campaign has made an additional five-figure investment as part of a planned larger media campaign that is targeting hundreds of thousands of Democratic primary voters across Virginia.

“With just four weeks left until the primary, we are doubling down on communicating our message of why Councilmember McClellan is the best candidate for Lieutenant Governor, and it’s clear in the ad and throughout our campaign that people are responding to it: her experience, her record of accomplishments and her strong roots in representing Hampton Roads,” said Tova Yampolsky, Campaign Manager for Andria McClellan for Virginia. “We will continue to spread that message to hundreds of thousands of Virginians who are excited to see and hear it over the next six weeks.”

Watch “Goes Back Generations” here: 

McClellan is running a version of the ad in the Hampton Roads media market highlighting the fact that she is the only Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor from the region. That version can be viewed HERE. As the only candidate from the state’s second largest voting bloc, McClellan is uniquely positioned to take on a Republican ticket with strong ties to Hampton Roads and to turn out the vote in highly contested elections in Hampton Roads and statewide.  

Goes Back Generations” Transcript: 

Inequalities in Virginia go back generations.

Inequalities in public education.

Inequalities in policing.

That’s unacceptable. Every Virginian deserves access to opportunity so I’m running for Lieutenant Governor.

Andria McClellan has been a leader on health care and vaccine access.

She’s helping formerly incarcerated people find jobs.

That’s Andria McClellan.

Andria cares, she does the work and she leads.

Andria McClellan will be an amazing Lieutenant Governor.

Opportunity for all. It’s time to get it done.

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