May 25th, 2021

Andria McClellan Draws Contrast with Her Opponents, Shows Experience, Clear Vision for the Commonwealth

In tonight’s Lieutenant Governor’s televised debate, Andria McClellan showed her experience, leadership and clear vision for both the commonwealth and the role of Lieutenant Governor. With over 30 years of experience in business, non-profits, the environment, broadband and local government, Andria is the most qualified candidate running for Lieutenant Governor. Tonight’s debate made that abundantly clear. 

As the only candidate from Hampton Roads and the only candidate with local government experience, Andria is uniquely qualified to take on the role of Lieutenant Governor and lead Virginia out of the COVID-19 pandemic and into a more equitable future. 

Find highlights from the debate below:

  • On the topic expanding access to broadband: “I know that Virginia has full time problems and challenges, and I’m committed to being a full time Lieutenant Governor to tackle those. Amongst those [is] the issue of broadband, and the fact of the matter is that in this past COVID pandemic, we saw…folks who couldn’t get access to a vaccine because they didn’t have access to broadband for registration, [and] people at home couldn’t get to work because they couldn’t do it online. So, ensuring that all of Virginia has access to affordable, high speed internet would be my number one issue.” [VIDEO]
  • On the topic of public education: “If you’re talking about our education system, you should be talking about how we provide our teachers better pay, how do we provide more support services [and] how do we address our crumbling infrastructure. My son’s high school auditorium ceiling fell in during the school year. That’s unacceptable… These are the issues that I’m hearing from my constituents, not about critical race theory. They want jobs, they want broadband, they want us to address the environment, they want more health care options, and they want good schools for all of their children.” [VIDEO]
  • On addressing serious issues with the Virginia Employment Comission: “The fact of the matter is we have antiquated systems not only at the VEC, but throughout the state government that need to be looked at. We need to be bringing in some private sector support as well. I’ve worked with a lot of folks throughout the private sector with my business background. Listen, I’ve had so many constituents who called me with concerns because they have not received their unemployment checks and it’s just simply unacceptable. I’m pleased that the governor just last week provided some more resources, but quite honestly that should have happened months ago.” [VIDEO]
  • On topic of addressing the epidemic of gun violence: “As a mom, there was nothing worse than receiving a phone call from my son his freshman year of high school when he was hiding under a desk during a lockdown. It stopped my heart. I was worried that he would suffer the fate of so many others. Gun violence is such a huge problem in our country and our Commonwealth, and the fact that the Lieutenant Governor candidate for the Republican Party posed with an AR-15 is completely irresponsible. The best thing that we can do right now is to ensure that we maintain our Democratic majority in the House of Delegates and our statewide [offices] so that Republicans do not reverse the work that we have done on gun safety laws.” [VIDEO]
  • On why voters should nominate Andria McClellan: “Virginia has challenges that need to be tackled and opportunities that need to be seized, and I can do both. I have done both for the last 30 years as a leader in business, non-profit broadband, environment, and local government, and as your next Lieutenant Governor, I can hit the ground running on day one. I have executive experience, I’ve managed budgets, I’ve hired and motivated staff, I’ve secured hundreds of millions of dollars for important projects and implemented innovative solutions on the ground. And, God forbid something should happen to our next Governor, I’m the best candidate on the stage to fill in that job. I’m also from Hampton Roads, Virginia’s the second largest voting bloc. Not since 1961 has any party in Virginia nominated a one-region ticket, and we cannot start now. It is critically imperative that we have diversity on our statewide ballot, so that we can maintain our Democratic majority in the House. I’m a pragmatic problem solver and I will never stop fighting to provide more equitable access for all Virginians and a path to success.” [VIDEO]

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