May 25th, 2021

PRE-DEBATE MEMO: Andria McClellan provides strong leadership, decades of experience, and a winning message for June and November.

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Tova Yampolsky, Campaign Manager, Andria for Virginia 

DATE: May 25, 2021

Andria McClellan was raised by a single mother who juggled multiple jobs to make ends meet. After graduating from college with the help of Pell grants and work study jobs, Andria ran two small businesses and then returned to Hampton Roads to fight for families she saw struggling like her mom had. Andria has spent her career in public service solving problems facing every-day Virginians, and now, she’s ready to put her skills, experience, and innovative ideas to work as Virginia’s first female Lieutenant Governor. 

Ahead of tonight’s first and only televised Lieutenant Governor candidate’s debate, the Andria McClellan for Virginia campaign is outlining a clear argument for why Andria McClellan is best suited to become the Democratic nominee and take on Republicans this November. 

Andria’s message of expanding equitable access to opportunity for all is resonating across the commonwealth. 

Andria McClellan is an experienced executive leader who is best-prepared to take on the role of Lieutenant Governor. 

  • With over 30 years of experience in business, non-profits, the environment, broadband and local government, Andria is the most qualified candidate running for Lieutenant Governor. 
  • Andria is a practical, pragmatic leader and effective problem-solver who has implemented solutions that impact people directly. That’s what she’ll continue to do as Lieutenant Governor: expanding equitable access to good-paying jobs, affordable healthcare and mental health care, a quality public education, and high speed, affordable internet. 
  • Andria’s proven track record of bridging the gaps between local, state, and federal entities, particularly on issues of environmental protection and broadband expansion, illustrate the substantive impact that she can have on the commonwealth as Lieutenant Governor. 

As the only local elected official running for Lieutenant Governor, Andria McClellan brings a much-needed local government perspective to Richmond.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the gaps that exist between what’s happening on Main Street and what’s happening in Richmond. Now more than ever, Virginia needs a statewide leader who can effectively bridge the divide. 
  • Unlike in the General Assembly, where legislation can move at a snail’s pace to address immediate issues facing Virginians, Andria doesn’t wait to take action to solve problems. On the Norfolk City Council and as Chair of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, which represents the 1.7 million residents of the region, Andria has implemented solutions to address issues like climate change and sea level rise, broadband, affordable housing, and vaccine access.  
  • As Lieutenant Governor, Andria will be an effective partner to the Governor, General Assembly, and localities to ensure that Virginia emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever.

As the only candidate from Hampton Roads, Virginia’s second largest voting bloc, Andria brings regional diversity to a statewide ticket and expands the voter base for Democrats in November. 

  • Virginia has not nominated a ticket from only one region of the state since 1961, and we can’t afford to do it now. All three of the Republican nominees for statewide office have ties to the Hampton Roads region, with two having been elected to the House of Delegates. 
  • With three of the most competitive House of Delegate seats located in Virginia Beach, where Andria grew up, nominating Andria will help to expand the electoral map as Democrats defend the hard-fought legislative majority in the House of Delegates. 

Andria McClellan can win on June 8th, and on November 2nd. 

  • As a current Norfolk City Councilmember representing the largest constituency of any candidate running for Lieutenant Governor, Andria McClellan is the strongest candidate to beat Republican Lieutenant Governor nominee and former Delegate from Norfolk, Winsome Sears. 
  • In the general election, Andria is best positioned to turn out voters in Hampton Roads, bring people together across the commonwealth, and ensure that Democrats remain in control of the three statewide offices and the House of Delegates. 
  • Andria has beaten a 16-year entrenched Republican incumbent before, and as the Democratic nominee, she will win in November. 


Raised in the Tidewater region, Andria currently represents 125,000 Virginians in her role on the Norfolk City Council, a position to which she was elected in May of 2016 after defeating a 16-year Republican incumbent. In addition, Andria serves as Chair of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, which represents all 17 municipalities of the region (population of 1.7 million). With more than three decades of local government, environmental, business, and non-profit leadership experience, she is ready to put her knowledge, network and innovative ideas to work to help Virginia’s economy and people recover from the COVID-19 pandemic as the commonwealth’s first female Lieutenant Governor.
McClellan has raised over $800,000 since announcing her candidacy in December 2020 and ended the first quarter of 2021 with $406,153 cash on hand. She reported the highest percentage of in-state donors in the Democratic field and the most amount of dollars raised from Virginians of any candidate running for Lieutenant Governor.

Andria McClellan has built a diverse coalition of supporters across the commonwealth including Congresswoman Elaine Luria, Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Alexander, Portsmouth Mayor Shannon Glover, State Senators Dave Marsden and Lynwood Lewis, numerous locally elected officials, and groups that support female candidates like the Virginia chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus and Virginia’s List.

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