I’m honored to have the support of these leaders. Having worked with them over the years, I know that they are passionate about serving their communities and building a brighter future where everyone has access to a safe, bright and prosperous future.

Sabrina Wooten, Virginia Beach Councilwoman

Shannon Glover, Mayor of Portsmouth

Nicole Carry, U.S. Navy veteran, 1st Vice Chair of the Virginia Veterans Services Foundation

Joe Bouchard, Captain, U.S. Navy (ret.)

Butch Bracknell, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Marine Corp (ret.)

Dave Belote, Colonel, U.S. Air Force (ret.)

"I met Andria shortly after moving back to my childhood hometown 8 years ago; she's committed to the social and environmental issues I care most about, and has devoted herself to making things better in Hampton Roads and throughout the Commonwealth. I've supported her since the day she announced her candidacy, and look forward to seeing her as LG!"

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