I’m honored to have the support of these leaders. Having worked with them over the years, I know that they are passionate about serving their communities and building a brighter future where everyone has access to a safe, bright and prosperous future.

Guy Tower, Virginia Beach Councilman

I deeply appreciate Andria's effective public service. She makes life better for our community with her passionate, practical approach to problem solving. Andria has the heart and the mind of a leader who's up to the challenge of governing our big, complicated Commonwealth. She should be our next Lieutenant Governor.

Louisa Strayhorn, former Director of the Virginia Department of Business Assistance & Virginia Beach Councilmember

It's no secret that the COVID-19 recovery will take years. Once we get vaccines to all Virginians, the real, hard work of rebuilding and strengthening our economy and healthcare system begins. We need leaders like Andria who understand both business needs and policymaking to help lead us through these challenges and toward greater equity and opportunity for all.

Paul Riddick, Norfolk Councilman

Over the last 5 years, I've seen Andria work hard for her constituents and Norfolk families. Her ideas are innovative, solutions-driven and focused on equity. While I'll be sad to lose her as a Council colleague, I can't wait to work with Lieutenant Governor Andria McClellan to get big things done.

George Schaefer, Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk

Andria McClellan is the rare candidate who understands statewide issues as well as the concerns of local government. Whether it’s trash collection or climate change, her pragmatic grasp of the role of government in our lives is sorely needed in Richmond.

Susan Platt, former candidate for Lieutenant Governor

In 400 years, there have been 41 lieutenant governors of Virginia, including 6 Johns, 4 James, 2 Roberts and 1 L. Douglas. I have no doubt that in 2021, a Democratic woman, Andria McClellan will join that list. A number of factors distinguish Andria: her business and local government experience, her passion for environmental sustainability and her innovative ideas to make government work better. As our next and first female Lieutenant Governor, I know she’ll use the office to get big things done for Virginia families.

Glenn Nye, former Congressman (VA-02)

Andria is an extraordinary local government leader who represents an area with the world’s largest naval base and one of the greatest concentrations of military service members, veterans, and their families. She listens and understands the needs of those serving our country and those who support them. She is adept at building coalitions that leverage federal, state and local resources to benefit her community. We need her experience, not only in local government but also as an entrepreneur, a mom and a non-profit leader, as our next Lieutenant Governor.

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