I’m honored to have the support of these leaders. Having worked with them over the years, I know that they are passionate about serving their communities and building a brighter future where everyone has access to a safe, bright and prosperous future.

Elaine Luria, Congresswoman (VA-02)

Andria’s local leadership experience means she can listen directly to Virginians and deliver on the things they need most — and we need leaders like her in Richmond. In addition to her local leadership, Andria holds years of experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner. As a former small business owner myself, I know how valuable that experience is when it comes to understanding and helping the people you serve.

Senator Dave Marsden (SD-37)

I'm supporting Andria McClellan for Lieutenant Governor for three main reasons: her local government experience, business experience and most importantly, her passion for using good policies to improve people's lives. Her unique combination of experience and expertise on the big issues facing our Commonwealth make her the person we need as Lieutenant Governor and the only statewide candidate who brings a Tidewater perspective to the ticket.

Dr. Noelle Gabriel, MD, Norfolk School Board Member

I have worked with Andria on important education topics, such as making school buildings more energy efficient to offering increased dual enrollment opportunities for our high school students. She has consistently supported our local public schools by voting to support funding needed for teacher raises, guidance counselors, and math and reading specialists. I believe she will be a Lieutenant Governor who prioritizes education because she understands the value of what a high-quality equitable education can do for all of Virginia‘s children.

Guy Tower, Virginia Beach Councilman

I deeply appreciate Andria's effective public service. She makes life better for our community with her passionate, practical approach to problem solving. Andria has the heart and the mind of a leader who's up to the challenge of governing our big, complicated Commonwealth. She should be our next Lieutenant Governor.

Louisa Strayhorn, former Director of the Virginia Department of Business Assistance & Virginia Beach Councilmember

It's no secret that the COVID-19 recovery will take years. Once we get vaccines to all Virginians, the real, hard work of rebuilding and strengthening our economy and healthcare system begins. We need leaders like Andria who understand both business needs and policymaking to help lead us through these challenges and toward greater equity and opportunity for all.

Paul Riddick, Norfolk Councilman

Over the last 5 years, I've seen Andria work hard for her constituents and Norfolk families. Her ideas are innovative, solutions-driven and focused on equity. While I'll be sad to lose her as a Council colleague, I can't wait to work with Lieutenant Governor Andria McClellan to get big things done.

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