Issues and Priorities

Tackling the Climate Crisis

Every Virginian deserves access to a safe, sustainable environment. However, across Virginia, worsening effects of climate change are exceedingly visible – from rising sea levels, to devastating storms to unhealthy heat islands in our urban areas – and present long-term threats to our economy, health and future. And, decades of segregation, redlining, and historical underinvestment in infrastructure means that many communities of color are paying an even higher cost in this climate crisis.

With local, state and national experience addressing our climate crisis, in both climate change mitigation and adaptation, Andria is equipped with the skills necessary to push for access to a cleaner, greener and healthier Virginia for everyone.

Expanding Access to High Speed Internet

Access to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet service is critical to every Virginian for work, for school, for accessing health care, for agriculture, and, recently, for pre-registering for a COVID vaccine. This pandemic has shown that the digital divide is very real and growing. Low-income urban neighborhoods and rural areas are falling behind at faster rates on access to affordable broadband, and we simply cannot allow these disparities to persist.

In a 21st Century Virginia, access to high-speed internet is an imperative. Moreover, for Virginia to grow and attract economic development, we must strive to become the most connected state in the nation.

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